Old Price $29,995.00
  • Manufacturer: Prolite
  • Model: Classic
  • Year Built: 2017



Length: 19’ 11”
Width: 6’ 10”
Overall height: 8’ 5”
Interior height: 6’ 4”
Dry weight: 2440 lb
Tongue weight: 250 lb
Alloy wheels: Yes (15”)
10" electric brakes: Yes
Fresh water tank: 15 gallons
Grey water tank: 15 gallons
Black water tank: 15 gallons
Front bed: 60” x 76”
Read bead: 64” x 26”
Bunk beds: N/A
Sleeps: 3

Lightweight trailers

Prolite trailers are lightweight thanks to the use of ultra-light materials in their design. Several models are available, ranging from 550 lbs to 3700 lbs.

Versatile trailers

Prolite lightweight trailers are versatile. Several different models are available, accommodating from 2 to 6 people. In addition, Prolite trailers are suitable for all types of vehicles and respect their towing capacity, enabling you to keep your current car.

Aerodynamic trailers

Prolite trailers are aerodynamic due to their front and rear shape, as well as their width suitable for our roads. They ensure a better adhesion to the ground, an excellent visibility and a pleasant driving in both urban and rural areas. The aero dynamicity of ultra-light Prolite trailers is without a doubt a major asset for fuel economy.

Waterproof trailers

Prolite trailers are waterproof, reliable and innovative.
They have a one piece shell roof covered with fibreglass; a high quality product known for its durability and increased resistance to shocks, scratches and UV rays.
Their walls are insulated with panels of DuroFoam; a closed-cell insulator made of expanded polystyrene, which is known for its long-lasting thermal resistance and preventing of water infiltration. In a case of water infiltration, DuroFoam will expel the water directly from the source; it will be visible quickly and can be neutralized hastily, unlike infiltrations that usually take months, even years to be discovered.
Their 5/8 plywood floors covered with Tekmodo composite panels offer extra protection when traveling on the road or during prolonged stops in very humid places.
In addition, all nautical seals offer an extra guarantee for the waterproofness and reliability of your Prolite trailer, while using innovative materials.

Reliable trailers

Prolite lightweight trailers are reliable. We always make sure to choose high-quality materials that remain accessible and easily replaceable in the event of breakage or failure so that you can get back on the road quickly no matter where you are!

Made in Canada

Prolite is a Canadian manufacturer of ultra-light trailers since 2000. We adapt our designs to meet the evolving road, climate and environmental needs of the North American population. We are recognized and renowned for the quality of our trailers, the resale value of these trailers, and our team to listen to the needs of our customers no matter where they are.